About Us

How many of you have walked into a fabric store and felt that familiar, uncontrollable urge to buy a new fabric to add to your "stash", not because you have a definite project in mind for it, but because you're a basically a collector of fabrics?

Better be careful, next thing you know your hobby might turn into a business!

That's basically our story, a fabric collection that got, well, more than a little out of hand, and evolved into a small internet-based fabric shop.

In case you're wondering what sets us apart from the many other online fabric stores, our customers will tell you that it is our personalized customer service that keeps them coming back again and again. (Read what our customers say about us.)

We also have a Frequent Shopper Program to reward our loyal customers. Earn points for your fabric purchases, and redeem them for... more fabric, of course! (Find out how this works.)