Florentine 3

Gorgeous metallic florals, medallions, stripes and coordinates by Peggy Toole. Three colorways available: pewter, earth, and jewel. These work together beautifully with other metallic blender fabrics, both those by Robert Kaufman as well as other makers. Select any of these fabrics to see how many gorgeous coordinates we found!

Most of our fabrics are sold by the yard, with a minimum cut of a half-yard. Some fabrics are sold by the full pattern repeat (panel) only, so as to not ruin the design of the fabric.

Please note that actual colors may vary due to differences in monitors.

Click on an image to see a larger picture, detailed description of the fabric, and price per yard.

Florentine 3 Jewel Small Floral
Florentine 3 Jewel Small Floral