VIP by-the-bolt

If you need a full bolt of Cranston/VIP fabric, search no more! Here you'll some of their most popular prints.

When buying by-the-bolt, there are some important things to keep in mind:
- Bolt size is approximate. If a fabric usually comes on 8-yard bolts, it can vary a couple of yards either way. We cannot order any particular, or exact, length.
- While most bolts are one continuous length, once in a while there will be two pieces on the bolt (or a join somewhere in the fabric). We cannot guarantee that the yardage will be continuous.
- The quoted delivery times are based on the assumption that Cranston has the goods in stock. When we place an order with them, we ask whether they do in fact have the fabric in stock. If they do not, we will find out how long it will be until the fabric is available, and we will let you know. You can then decide whether to wait or cancel your order.

Most of our fabrics are sold by the yard, with a minimum cut of a half-yard. Some fabrics are sold by the full pattern repeat (panel) only, so as to not ruin the design of the fabric.

Please note that actual colors may vary due to differences in monitors.

Click on an image to see a larger picture, detailed description of the fabric, and price per yard.

W6622-J Planets fabric
W6622-J Planets
W6742-J Stars fabric
W6742-J Stars