Kanvas Fabrics (by Benartex)

Kanvas is a whole new design branch of Benartex Fabrics. Are these fabrics canvas? Well, the cloth is not canvas. It's cotton quilting fabric. The brand name started out as Canvas (think of artwork... you start with a blank canvas). However, Benartex soon realized that the name was too confusing, so they renamed it Kanvas with a "K". Got it now?

The fabrics made by Kanvas are heavy on novelty designs. We thought that some of them, in particular, reminded us very much of what Timeless Treasures makes. When our sales rep came by to show us these new Kanvas fabrics, we found out why. Maria Kalinowski is the head designer, and yes, she was formerly the Vice President of Design and Head Stylist of Timeless Treasures Fabrics. So... we are very much delighted to bring you ... Kanvas Fabrics!

Here are pictures from the lines we are carrying. Have you ever seen such a wonderful riot of color and designs? These novelty fabrics are so much fun, you won't be able to keep from smiling while you're sewing. Use them to make a gift for someone you love... just imagine the look on their face when they unwrap their present!

Back Talk Fabric - Kanvas Fabrics by Benartex Back Talk
Bake Sale Fabric - Canvas Fabrics by Benartex Bake Sale
Brain Freeze Ice Cream Fabric, Popsicle Fabric from Canvas by BenartexBrain Freeze
Breakfast Club Fabric by Kanvas / Benartex Breakfast Club Fabrics
candy apple fabric, kanvas by benartex, candy apples Candy Apples Fabric
cool school, no bullying fabric, no bully zone, canvas by benartex Cool School (No Bullying Fabric)
confection affection, chocolate candy fabric, kanvas by benartex Confection Affection Chocolate Candy Fabric
Fiesta fabric - Kanvas fabrics by benartex - south of the border, Mexican themed fabrics Fiesta "South of the Border" Mexican Fabrics
Fizz Ed fabric - Kanvas fabrics by benartex - soda cans, energy drinks, and candy bars Fizz Ed Soda Pop and Energy Drinks Fabrics
happy hour fabric, kanvas by benartex, mixed drink recipe fabric Happy Hour Fabric
marshmallow peep fabric, canvas by benartex It's a Peep - Marshmallow Peeps Fabric
Kiss and Tell Fabric, Kiss and Tell Fabric from Canvas by Benartex Kiss and Tell Fabrics
man cave fabric - canvas fabrics by benartex - novelty fabrics for men Man Cave
NY city skyline at night, NY State of Mind fabric - Canvas by Benartex NY State of Mind
powder room fabric - kanvas fabrics by benartex - novelty fabrics for winter sports enthusiasts Powder Room
strike it rich fabric, coin fabric, canvas by benartex Strike it Rich - US Coins Fabric
snack attack fabric, chocolate cupcake fabric, kanvas by benartex Snack Attack
sweet tooth fabric, cotton candy fabric, kanvas by benartex Sweet Tooth
junk food fabrics, food fight, Kanvas by Benartex Food Fight Fabrics